What type of glaucoma do you have?

Knowing the specifics in regard to your type of glaucoma, you are better able to manage your needs with a little change to your routine. Following the MicroPulse® Laser therapy procedure:

  • Most patients do not experience pain after the therapy
  • Patients may wear a small eye patch for the rest of the day
  • You may be in and out of the procedure within an hour in most cases
  • This is a quick procedure that that typically does not require and overnight stay
  • Short term use of anti-inflammatory medicine is often prescribed to control inflammation

Typically, IOP decreases a few weeks after the procedure. In time, it may be determined that MicroPulse® TSCPC has reduced the need for glaucoma medications*. However, it is important for glaucoma patients to maintain regular appointments with their glaucoma specialist for monitoring and treatment of the disease.

*Typical results. Actual results may vary. DO NOT stop glaucoma medications unless directed by the doctor.

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